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Combination Platters,
Tacos, Chimichangas,
Enchiladas, Burritos


Sandwiches, Sides,
A La Carte, Desserts,
Eggs Anytime

Combination Platters

Chile Relleno Combo       $11.95
  One chicken enchilada, one chile relleno  
El Presidente         $11.95
  Chicken Taco, Beef enchilada, Chicken tamale  
Super Combo         $12.50
  Chicken taco, cheese enchilada, Beef flautas  
El Patron $12.50
  One steak taco and a jumbo chicken flautas  

Combo #1       $10.50
  Steak taco, Chicken enchilada  
Combo #2       $10.50
  Chicken taco, Beef enchilada  
Combo #3       $10.50
  Seafood enchilada, cheese enchilada  

Tacos Al Carbon

Two traditional Mexican soft tacos, grilled to order, and served with rice, beans, sour cream and pico de gallo.
Steak       $10.95
Chicken         $ 9.50
Carintas     $ 8.50
Ground Beef $ 9.25
Salmon       $10.95
Tilapia       $ 9.95
Mahi Mahi       $11.95
Shrimp       $10.25

  Deep fried burrito, stuffed with your choice of steak or chicken, refried beans. Served with rice on the side.  
Ground Beef       $ 9.25
Steak       $10.95
Chicken       $ 9.95

  Corn tortillas rolled and stuffed. Topped with mixed cheddar and monterrey jack cheese, and your choice of sauce. All enchilada platters are served with rice, beans, sour cream, shreeded lettuce and guacamole.
Cheese       $ 8.50
Portobello         $ 8.50
Chicken         $10.50
Beef         $10.75
Seafood         $11.95

  A single large flour tortilla, filled with mixed cheese, beans and meat. Topped with a sauce of your choice. All burritos are served with rice, sour cream, shredded lettuce and guacamole  
Bean & Cheese       $ 8.50
Grilled Chicken       $ 9.95
Steak       $10.50
Grilled Veggie       $ 9.25
Ground Beef       $ 9.25
Pollo Guisdo (Shredded Chicken)     $ 9.95
Burrito Bowl          
  Bed of rice, topped with beans, salsa, pico de gallo, diced avacado with your choice of meat:  
  Chicken           $10.95
  Steak           $11.95

H o m e m a d e

Ranchera (Mild)      
  Made with tomatoes, onions, peppers  
Chipotle (Hot)      
  Made with dried smoked jalapenos  
Mole (Mild)    
  Traditional Mexican sauce made from mild dried chiles, fruits, nuts and seeds  

S a u c e s
Pepper (Medium)      
  Combination dry peppers, chile negro guajillos and anchos  
Cream Sauce (Mild)    
  Alfredo Sauce  
Green Sauce (Mild)    
  Made with fresh tomatillios  

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